VME Technology adheres to the open system architecture definition of real-time, modular embedded computing systems. Intensive development and field deployed systems have proven out the concept of VMEbus. The developers within the VMEbus community are committed to technology excellence through evolutionary changes. Being one of the early pioneers of VMEbus, Kontron can look back over 25 years experience in standard and custom VME products. As an active member of the VITA (VMEbus Trade Organization) and driving force of the Freescale Design Alliance, Kontron is leading the way to a brighter future in VME technology.



6U Processor

The Kontron family of VME 6U SBC offers a coherent solution to all needs of single board computing.

6U x86

VME 6U single/dual single and dual-core x86 SBCs

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6U 68k

VME 6U 68k architecture CPUs

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6U PowerPC

VME 6U PowerPC architecture CPUs

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6U I/O

I/O mezzanines and carrier boards.


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VME Chassis

Wallmount/Rackmount, 6U, 19 inch enclosures, backplanes and power supplies.


19" rack mount industrial chassis

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Rugged Chassis 10/12/18-slot 6U VME/cPCI

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1/2 Short ATR 5-slot Conduction Cooled Chassis

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3U 5-slot 1/2 ATR Conduction Cooled Chassis

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