Mobile Flatpanel SBC

Do you need an ultraflat Single Board computer to be mounted directly behind the Flatpanel? So the uFLATseries (ePanel product family) will be your first choice! These are full featured Single Board Computers with a very low height. With their typical very low power consumption ePanel are ideally prepared to be designed in mobile applications. Besides a wide range of available drivers the large number of interfaces is highly remarkable.

uFlat-series boards offer as an important benefit instant availability ("out-of-the-box") and almost zero time to market. All interfaces and most functionalities are onboard and built-in. Standard accessories are likewise off-the-shelf and permit a fast system setup. Other Modules in contrary need in any case a full custom backplane that requires deep R&D knowledge and engineering time. That way its time to market takes longer and R&D cost is higher. With Single Board Computer solutions like ePanel systems can be designed within a short period and built with minor additional engineering efforts.

Last but not least - Shortest Time to market!

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