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What is Machine-to-Machine connected computing?

Communication between remote machines is not a new technology. In fact, during the Apollo mission there was telemetric data transfer of vital signs. The main difference now is that it is possible to correlate data from different sources (machines) today. Kontron’s M2M solution transitions from data stored in proprietary silos to making data available in a well-defined cloud environment. This new paradigm allows for analysis of data from different sources and different usage models. Additionally, with the affordability and wide-spread availability of wireless network connectivity, the focus moves away from merely transmitting the data to focus more on what benefit can be derived from the collected data. This change brings about completely new M2M applications scenarios like smart metering and allows for development of new business models and solution offerings. 

What is the importance of M2M technology?

The M2M ecosystem is rapidly expanding. Wireless operators, MVNOs and ISPs are rolling out new billing programs for M2M wireless broadband transaction services to meet the growing demand for connected computing. 

If you consider, that each embedded system contains some valuable data there is a big potential to add new value propositions.

In cooperation with independent software vendors (ISVs), or MAPs (M2M Application Platform) providers as they are becoming known, Kontron can offer tested middleware and cloud services for our M2M client devices to ensure secure real-time computing data compilation. This enables direct communications, yet supports seamless integration to existing industry-oriented database systems.

How is Kontron simplifying M2M technology for OEMS and Service Providers?

The Kontron M2M Smart Services Developer Kit was developed in collaboration with Intel to include a high performance, M2M device that can be easily enabled to develop and test M2M services. Kontron’s cost effective M2M family of small, powerful, low power M2M systems are designed to offer OEMs production ready hardware solutions to accelerate smart services deployment opportunities together with our software and connectivity partners. 

All Kontron M2M devices are optimized to work with Kontron’s carrier-grade, high-density AdvancedTCA platform configurations and component hardware, as well as Kontron’s NEBS-3 and ETSI compliant carrier grade or communications servers that serve cloud computing and shorten design cycles for TEMs, NEPs and IT managers implementing central office or enterprise data networking solutions. 



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