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From Development to System Deployment – COTS to Custom

Military Rugged Boards, Systems & Enclosures

Kontron’s expertise in rugged system enclosure design combined with industry-leading portfolio of application-ready boards and platforms provides military contractors with a best-in-class systems designer under one roof.

  • Expertise in ruggedization, certification, full system integration and total custom solutions.
  • Extended product lifecycle management with long-term support.
  • Largest selection of product hardware available, including rugged COTS boards and platforms for interoperable, standards-based solutions.
  • Strategic partnerships that leverage the latest technology immediately as it’s available (Intel, Freescale, Wind River, etc.)
  • Dedicated military teams located strategically around the globe.


Military Systems

Kontron designs and delivers COTS and semi-custom system solutions to military customers – both government and prime contractors. By leveraging a long track-record of engineering excellence, project management and manufacturing capabilities, Kontron provides a unique blend of both COTS and specialized systems design that can be custom-tailored to meet the most demanding requirements of our customers and program partners.

Rugged Enclosures

Kontron has a wide range of rugged enclosures for a variety of applications - in both standard and custom configurations. Rack-mount or ATR form factor, shock-isolated or hardmount, Kontron enclosures are tuned to a variety of shock, vibration and EMI standards, based on operating environment.

Rugged COTS Technology

To fulfill the demanding environment requirements of the defense and other mission-critical markets, Kontron offers the largest product portfolio of application ready-boards, modules and platforms available in the embedded space today; from the long-standing technologies like VME and CompactPCI to the newer VPX and beyond.


Kontron inside real-world applications

  • Next-Generation Combat Systems
  • Missile Systems
  • Autonomous Missile Systems
  • Tactical Battlefield Radar
  • Combat Management Systems
  • Battlefield Sensor Systems
  • Military GPS
  • UAVs
  • Communications, Command, Control and Intelligence (C4ISR)


Kontron meets the most rigorous embedded system design challenges and SWaP-C requirements for military customers.

High Performance Embedded Computing (HPEC)

Kontron has been providing high-end, multiprocessor-based HPEC system for mil-aero applications for years in a variety of architectures, including VME, CompactPCI, ATCA, MicroTCA, and most recently VPX.

With this highly integrated HPEC VPX system, military programs that require high-end processing no longer need to make compromises in terms of performance or are forced to move to proprietary solutions. Kontron is able to match the sizeable speed, resolution and accuracy needs of DSP-based applications with the massive computing horsepower provided.

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