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Achieve Time and Cost Reductions with Open Communication Platforms (OCP)

A surefire way for equipment vendors to overcome many of the key resource, time, and cost challenges when designing carrier grade and mission critical network communications equipment is to start with Kontron Open Communication Platforms (OCP).

The Freedom To Design Your Way - More Choice, More Innovation, More Success

Kontron works closely with telecom equipment manufacturers (TEM ) and network equipment providers (NEP) clients to match the right mix of integrated hardware and software platforms to your specific system-level network solutions.

Kontron offers an ample breadth of standardized Application-Ready hardware components and platforms that include 10G and 40G Carrier Grade AdvancedTCA (ATCA) and MicroTCA multicore platforms, plus a range of Carrier Grade and Mission Critical Communications Rack Mount Servers. Add to this a choice of service levels for the integration of OS, middleware, and HPI software, and third-party hardware component validation. 

A Few Things Our Telecom Customers Really Appreciate About Us:

MULTIFACETED: Hardware/Software design versatility; platform integration (+3rd party HW, SW)
KNOWLEDGEABLE: Exceptionally responsive and experienced engineering and technical support teams
LOYAL: Long product life-cycle management (5-7 years+)
DEPTH: Broadest standards-based portfolio dedicated to telecom/communications
PRACTICAL: Complementary AND cross functional (BIOS, FW) implementation of Carrier Grade Platforms
FLEXIBLE: Customer Focused Designs
SUPPORTIVE: Standard and extended warranty & support plans; wide range of product support services

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Open Communication Platforms (OCP)
OCP Blades & Modules
Communication Rack Mount Servers
Server Boards

xTCA and CRMS Application Areas

Telecommunication Networks:

- Call Servers/Gateway Controllers/VoIP-Server
- Media Gateway/Trunking GW
- Application and Media Server & Proxies
- Packet core – SGSN, GGSN
- Signalling Gateway
- Radio Network Controller (RNC)
- WiMAX Access Controller (WAC)
- Base Station (BTS, Node B; WiMAX)
- Video / IPTV - transcoding/storage

Real World HYBRID Scenarios

Kontron provides both Carrier Grade xTCA integrated platforms and Carrier Grade Rack Mount Servers. Why? Because more often than not, telecom equipment manufacturers and network equipment providers need both as part of their overall infrastructure portfolio marketed to carrier clients. 

Depending on the network application, a combination of one or both types of platforms are needed within a single rack. Kontron can uniquely provide TEMs and NEPs the right levels of performance, density, and scalability, all within required energy efficiencies.

Contact our sales team to learn more about this product family and about product customization by contacting us at:

Kontron America Sales
Phone: 888-294-4558
Email: sales@us.kontron.com

Contact our support team for any technical inquiries by contacting us at:

Kontron America Support
Phone: 800-480-0044
Email: support@us.kontron.com

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