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For years, Kontron has been committed to bringing the most advanced and reliable COTS based products to our customers. Because of our experience outside of the Military market, we can assure our customers that products have been battlefield tested before ever reaching the battlefield. 

Our expertise with harsh environment applications has been built over more than 10 years of servicing applications which require Rugged COTS products. Our continuous commitment to the market has fostered innovative technical answers to the unique challenges at hand. With Kontron adherence to standards, our customers know that Kontron products will fit their more stringent requirements. 

Kontron offers one of the largest product portfolios to Rugged COTS customers available in the embedded space today; the long-standing technologies like VME and CompactPCI to the newer VPX and beyond. 

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Contact our sales team to learn more about this product family and about product customization by contacting us at:

Kontron America Sales
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Kontron America Support
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